Tenpin Bowling Australia Hall of Fame Ceremony Honours Terry Wenban & Steve Lovell

Barb Richmond, Jeanette Baker, John Coxon, Cheryl Munson, Steve Lovell, Cara Honeychurch & Terry Wenban

Tenpin Bowling Australia welcomed 2 bowling stalwarts Terry Wenban and Steve Lovell into the Hall of Fame.  The ceremony took place during a Presentation Dinner held in conjunction with the sport’s National Championships, which continue until Saturday, 25 October.

Terry and Steve were two of the powerhouses of bowling in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Whilst fierce competitors throughout their bowling careers they were also great mates with their friendship continuing to this day.  So it was entirely fitting for the two of them to be inducted into the Hall of Fame together.

TBA CEO Cara Honeychurch commented,  “Both Terry and Steve attended the Hall of Fame ceremony on the understanding they were there to roast the other and share some stories from the past. It took some elaborate planning from the Hall of Fame Committee to pull this off and keep it a secret from the both of them.  But to see the look of shock on their faces when they heard their names announced as the 2014 inductees made the effort well worth it”.

An entertaining AV presentation recounting the pair’s outstanding careers added further excitement to the event which was attended by over 130 bowlers and officials, including previous Hall of Fame inductees Barb Richmond, John Coxon, Jeanette Baker and Cheryl Munson.

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courtesy of Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd

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